local "skin freak" curating boxes full of all my favorite products

Common questions…


Who the heck are you?!

My name is Lindsay and I am obsessed with all things skincare. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I really began to understand the importance of taking care of your skin. Slowly it became a passion of mine to learn about different kinds of skincare and to try as many as I could. This brand was created so I could share my love for skincare with others and hopefully show others how easy it is to take care of your skin AND practice self care at the same time.

Did you make all of these products?

NO. I have chosen some of my favorite brands and am using their products in my boxes.

Who are these products best for?

Everyone & anyone! I picked items that could apply to all skin types.

What does the name skin freak mean?

Well to be honest, it means exactly the way it sounds. I am a freak about skin…and when I say freak, I mean over the top in love with all things skincare related.

Where are you located?

I live in Spokane, WA.

Can I buy from you in person?

Absolutely! If you are local and want to meet up to pick up your order, I’d love to meet some fellow skin freaks! Plus…it will save you on shipping (who doesn’t love a savings?!).

I will also do Pop Ups in town at miscellaneous events - keep an eye on my Instagram for updates.